Should You Use Your Phone With A Case And Screen Guard?


During most of the smartphone launch presentations, OEMs stress a lot on how their latest model is 1mm thinner than its predecessor. Almost every smartphone maker stresses a lot about materials used to construct a smartphone and how much R&D goes into making the back panel. In this article, I have tried to explain the reasons behind using a screen guard and case on smartphones and how not using these accessories will improve the overall user experience.

Should You Use Your Phone With A Case And Screen Guard?


Advantages Of Using Cases And Screen Guards

Everything in this world has both advantages and disadvantage and we always choose that weighs more towards the advantage. The first and foremost application of a screen guard and cases is to protect the device's pristine conditions.

Some cases also offer additional functionality like adding new features such as an external battery pack, adding wireless charging, and aesthetic additions.

A few cases also happen to add features like water and dust resistance. Besides, some cases also come with custom camera lenses that give a new perspective to the camera with lenses like ultra-wide angle, fisheye, and macro lenses.

Disadvantages Of Using Cases And Screen Guards

I just hate cases and screen guards, period. Especially after analyzing its use in a scientific way. I feel using a case on a well-made phone is like putting "garam masala" on a croissant. Though it might taste good, it is never intended to eat that way.

If we look in a scientific way, a case is the worst enemy of a mobile, especially a high-performance device. Gaming on a phone with a case will not let the heat dissipate and will trap it inside which has numerous harmful effects in the long run.

Most of the smartphones do not have an active cooling solution. To dissipate the heat a phone maker will use the passive heat dissipation method. When the device is covered with a case the phone (most of the cases are made using polycarbonate and it is not a good conductor of heat) will get warmer.


The same goes for screen guards as well. When a screen is protected with a screen guard, there will be some sort of latency with the touch input. Similarly, the glue used on a screen guard might also permanently damage the touch sensitivity of the display.

Final Verdict

I have heard a lot of instances where people have saved thousands of rupees when their device fell and the screen guard or case protected their device. However, while using a phone with a screen guard and case you are not using the device on how it is intended to be used.

Though using a phone with a case and a screen guard has several advantages, I still prefer using a naked phone and I recommend the same for those who want to get the best in-hand feel on any phone.

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