Hot Trends in Mobile World Congress 2012

Posted By: Rahul

Hot Trends in Mobile World Congress 2012

The Mobile World Congress 2012 witnessed the unveiling of some never before seen technology/gadgets. These gadgets are not only feature-rich but are user-friendly as well. As the MWC 2012 nears the end, we provide you a list of trends which were followed extensively at this year's MWC. These trends are:

1) Androids galore: The android operating system was the most preferred in the MWC 2012. People couldn't stop loving the Android smartphones enough. All major smartphone manufacturers exhibited various of their android smartphones which led to capturing the people's fancy. Other operating system technologies such as the Windows Phone surely have to hope to do better in the next MWC edition.

2) Multi-Core smartphone processors: These processors came in next after the android as the MWC 2012 was literally flooded with Dual-Core, Quad Core processors apart from the Android. In fact smartphone manufacturer HTC brought out the World's first quad-core smartphone at this year's MWC.

3) Bigger displays rule: Smartphones with bigger displays found a large number of takers at the MWC 2012. One illustration that could be given is the LG Optimus 4X HD display which was just adored by people. Does this mean that the end is near for smaller displays?

4) Off-Beat operating systems: Apart from the Android  & the i OS, various other companies launched their own versions of mobile operating system. One such company is Mozilla which brought out it's own mobile operating system at the MWC 2012. Thus, we can also say that this year's MWC has surely heralded the beginning of the off-beat operating system era.

5) Failure of fresh designs: New gadget designs just couldn't be accepted at the MWC. Most manufacturers brought out new gadgets using the older design pattern trends Sony tried bringing out it's tablets in a new design, but these gadgets just failed at the event.

Thus, by observing all these trends, we can say that the MWC 2012 witnessed everything right from latest technologies to weird gadgets to legacy design retention. Do reply with your opinion in our comment section below.

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