HTC Incredible S gets Android 2.3.5 update

Posted By: Rahul

HTC Incredible S gets Android 2.3.5 update

HTC is in the forefront when it comes to smart phone business. HTC has brought into market some very amazing phones and there demand is very high. Technologically these phones are very sound and many other phone manufactures cannot even wish to hold a candle to HTC brand name and reliability. One major factor that makes their phones very unique is the visual interface in it. HTC user interface is engineering marvel. It packs in some very amazing features too.

Latest news release from the company revealed that HTC Incredible S Android smart phone will be getting some major firmware overhaul. The android version will be upgraded to version 2.3.5 and the Sense user interface to version 3.0.

The update will be made available over the air. The reports about the update are coming from various sources and they are being speculated around the net. Most of the reports are coming from Europe so the update might be first made available there and then to other regions of the globe. But even then there are indications that some regions will be left dry. What all features are going to be changed exactly is not very clear. So there are no clear ideas on what all features in the back ground will be changed.

But even if nothing is changed the presence of a new and updated user interface is more than enough for many users to update their phones. The improved visual appeal of the already popular interface will be a very welcoming change for the users. So do keep a lookout for any notifications in your phone. Usually immediately after the update is aired there will be a notification in the phone saying that an update is available and asking you whether you want to do it. If no automatic notification comes, you can still do the check manually. Go to settings and choose the ‘About phone’ option. Click on software updates and select Check now. This will enable you to do the update manually.

There has also been word that HTC Desire HD, which was one of HTC flagship models, is getting an update too. This proves HTC’s commitment to after sales support. Usually the trend among some mobile manufactures is to exclude the older mobile phones from consideration once newer models are released. However HTC is an exception to this.

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