iPhone 5: Nano SIM cutters Available in India [REPORT]

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iPhone 5: Nano SIM cutters Available in India [REPORT]

Apple iPhone 5′s launch has created waves of disappointment among the Apple fanboys with the lack of highly expected elements such as NFC, Retina Display and wireless charging, the handset still has some interesting aspects.

It is the slimmest Apple smartphone launched ever being 18% thinner than its predecessor – iPhone 4S. In order to reduce thickness of the handset, the Cupertino tech titan has adopted numerous innovative technologies including in-cell touch technology for the display, new Lightning connector instead of the 30 pin dock connector and the incorporation of smaller Nano SIM card.

When it comes to the Nano SIM cards, the major issue with it is its scarce availability. Earlier, there were reports claiming that the major Indian carriers have placed orders for the smaller SIM cards but they will be available only with the official release of the iPhone 5 in India.

Hence, those iPhone fans who are planning to buy the smartphone from the different sources prior to its release, can covert their regular SIM card to Nano SIM manually. But, it is a risky task and it could result in permanent damage of the SIM.

According to a latest BGR India report, @ManinderPals has managed to snap a Nano SIM cutter from China. The report continues stating that the SIM cutter is not widely available and that it will be reaching the global markets in few weeks. Moreover, the main advantage of SIM cutters is than the Sim cards need not be sandpapered or filed after cutting and they work perfectly fine with the iPhone 5

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