LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look: Harnessing the Power of Android Wear, Perfectly

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LG's entry into the smartphone market isn't anything new. In fact, the company has been in the game for quite some time. However, when none were able to make an impact for them, the company came out with the new LG G3.

The new G3 handset was added to the growing roster of the number of smartphones that LG brought ahead for its Indian user-base. But this post isn't about how good the LG G3 is. In fact, we are focusing more on the G Watch that was released alongside.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

At the launch event of its flagship G3 smartphone, which created most of the buzz, LG showed off its G Watch for the first time in India. The device which previously made its appearance on Google's online Play store, is set to go on sale wholly for the Indian users.

LG became one of the first companies to market the G Watch with the new Android Wear platform. The device's hardware runs on Google's smartwatch platform. and although it is still in its nascent stages, the G Watch shows off a lot of potential with the year rolling ahead.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

But what are the key areas of the G Watch? How does its stand up to the others in the market, and will it rise above the rest? We take a detailed first look at the new Android Wear-bearing smartwatch in the market.

LG G Watch First Look and Hands On: Form Factor, Design and Operating System

The G Watch look more like some gadget that's straight out of a 80s Hollywood sci-fi. But then again, its square dial still has that classic look about itself and that's a treat for most. The device's rectangle screen may also seem yesteryear in terms of design, but it still remains the perfect base to run an OS that has been designed accordingly.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

But looking more closely into the build of the device, it seems like the smartwatch's screen remains the most impressive thing. LG has also used a standard rubber strap with the G Watch to make it stronger. The good news here is that since it uses a standard clamp, users have the option to replace the standard strap with something more attractive.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

Apart from that, the overall design makes it quite comfortable to wear and has been constructed out of a durable stainless steel body that feels quite light on the wrist. The device also comes with a 22 mm rubber strap which is comfortable and easy to fasten and size according to your needs.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

Also, taking a closer look at the display of the G Watch, you will see that the G Watch makes use of an IPS display to power its screen. From the first instance, it seems like the display works well, especially indoors, expecially when out of direct sunlight. The display seems more true to life compared to the likes of Gear Live from Samsung.

As far as out personal experience is concerned, we found out that its IPS screen is more than just a good bargain. While our time with the device indoors, we found the screen to be adequately bright with good viewing angles. The display also looks pretty sharp for everyday use.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

Heading over to the OS that's running the G Watch. As you know already, we are talking about the new Android Wear platform in this instance. Even aesthtically, this has to be the biggest deal for the new smartwatch. However, since it is still in its early stages, expect a bit of buggy performance. However, that shouldn't be a burning issue in the long run.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

The G Watch makes use of the swipe interface of Android Wear. And while it has been made as intuitive as ever, it is also something that is almost totally dependent on a smartphone. So if you don't pair the G Watch with a compatible smartphone, don't expect it to perform to its fullest as it won't offer you the primary utilities of the device.

Apart from that, the G watch uses Google Now as frequently as possible. And that makes it more useful than most other smartwatches in the market in the same class. But we are still yet to spend more time with the device to come to a conclusion on how the OS works out going ahead.

LG G Watch Hands On and First-Look

Nonetheless, with the device at your wrist, be assured that Google has made sure that all the essential goodies are delivered. This also means notifications from your Android smartphone or tablet through the watch without any change. Not even from the concerned developers.

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