LG Optimus G Could be Next Google Nexus Smartphone Running On Android 4.2

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LG Optimus G Could be Next Google Nexus Smartphone Running On Android 4.2
In 2011, Google partnered with the South Korean tech giant Samsung and unveiled the Galaxy Nexus smartphone. While the handset is yet to make its way into the Indian market, numerous reports have started hinting that Google could team up with LG for the next Nexus handset – LG Optimus G.

According to a recent report by CNET, LG will get its own Nexus smartphone, the Optimus G, which was unveiled in mid-September. A person familiar to the subject has claimed that the handset will be announced as the next Nexus smartphone by the end of this month.

Moreover, the report went on suggesting that the handset will retain of the specifications as the Optimus G while there will be few changes to make it a Nexus smartphone. However, there is no official word from Google and LG regarding the name of the handset.

The report goes on claiming that a Nexus smartphone will help LG in building up its reputation in U.S., where it is striving hard to survive.

A report by Android And Me claims that Google will be announcing its next version of Android – Android 4.2 rumored as Key Lime Pie while unveiling the next Nexus smartphone in the end of October 2012. However, this could turn out to be true as Google has the tradition of announcing new versions of its mobile OS while unveiling the Nexus devices.

As per Modaco, the LG Nexus smartphone is expected to have a quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB RAM, 1280 x 768 True-High Definition IPS display, 8MP camera and a non-removable battery. It will lack a micro SD slot and will have only 8GB to 16GB of internal storage.

The report also continues stating that LG and Google are planning to launch the smartphone in mid-November, but it is still not clear whether it is the only Nexus smartphone that we are going to see this year or there will be multiple phones as rumoured.

This could be true considering the information revealed by an earlier Wall Street Journal report, which suggested that multiple Nexus devices will be released this year. Though there were no updates on the same since then, the tech gossipers have been rumoring that Samsung Galaxy Nexus 2, Sony Xperia Nexus and LG Optimus Nexus could be some of them.

Also an earlier GSMArena report claims that the rumored HTC phablet with a 5 inch display will be the next Nexus smartphone and it could be dubbed as Droid Incredible X or One X 5.

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