Lumia phone with PureView brand unlikely to launch soon

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Lumia phone with PureView brand unlikely to launch soon

Nokia left everyone awestricken at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012 held in Barcelona at the end of February. The manufacturer made a record in the history of smartphones (worth mentioning digital cameras as well) with the announcement of the 808 PureView phone. The handset is mind blowing with a 41 MP camera sensor on board.

The smartphone has a pretty convincing camera that is the best among the ones in smartphones. It is better than a high end stand alone point and shoot camera. However, there is a shortcoming in the smartphone. It runs the Symbian OS that is outdated. It cannot stand in front of Android, iOS or Windows Phone operating system.

At the MWC 2012, Nokia claimed that the PureView technology will be used for a Windows Phone handset that comes with the Lumia branding. The sources told that such a device will not be launched within a year or two. As per some of them within Nokia and some analysts, the Windows Phone platform is still not ready to support all the processing and hardware requirements of the PureView technology.

They suggest that it will take both Nokia and Microsoft another year at least to make a Lumia device with the PureView camera tech. Nokia could make this in September 2012 at the Nokia World event. May be, this new Lumia phone will have the Windows Phone 8 platform. We have to definitely wait for the phone to launch to know about it.

When do you think it will launched? Will this be the Nokia Lumia 1000 concept phone that we discussed before? Please do drop your comments below.

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