Nokia's Lumia 1000 concept phone

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Nokia's Lumia 1000 concept phone


News about a new concept phone from Nokia has just emerged out of the blue. Only some of the ‘would be’ specs and features of this mobile are available as for now but they look quite promising.

Concept phones are a great way to bring about new innovations into the tech world. Since imagination has no boundaries a person can come up with any kind of design or specs to be in a concept device. How far it will be practical is all left to the manufacturers.

The rendered image of the Nokia Lumia 1000 concept phone is available on internet. It shows a sufficiently large phone with a big display having a QWERTY slider keyboard. The phone has a rectangular design with straight edges and slightly rounded off corners. There will not be any physical buttons in the front. Instead just below the screen three touch sensitive capacitive buttons are provided.

The mobile comes in glossy black or white colour finish. When the display slides out to the sides a full QWERTY keyboard is visible. The keys in the keyboard are well spaced and they are sufficiently large. So it would be very easy to type on them. A joy stick is also provided in one side of the keyboard. This would ensure easy navigation through the different options and easy editing of documents and other files. The main camera is placed at the back.

The phone will have a display size of about 4.3 inches. It will be of AMOLED type. The resolution of the screen is not mentioned but it might have resolution which is on par with contemporary phones. The main camera will have a resolution of 41 mega pixel and will be a PureView camera. Such a high resolution camera was recently integrated on a Nokia phone and it gained very high media attention.

So the presence of this very high end camera in this phone is quite welcoming. It is also said that the phone will run on a dual core Intel Atom processor. Dual core processors in a Nokia phone may not be a very plausible concept when we consider Nokia’s approach to the same. They are considered to be a waste of phones battery.

One other striking feature of this concept phone is that it is supposed to run on Windows 8 operating system and not on the Windows phone 8 operating system. The phone will also have many other interesting features like NFC, FM transmitter, A-GPS, TV etc. Whether Nokia Lumia 1000 concept will become a reality is yet to be seen.

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