Bad news; Moto G4 Plus is not getting Android Oreo update

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When it comes to pushing out regular software updates, Motorola doesn't disappoint its fans. That being said, the company is now being accused of having made a false promise.

Bad news; Moto G4 Plus is not getting Android Oreo update

When the Moto G4 Plus was launched, Motorola promised that the phone would be updated to Android Oreo. However, the official list containing the names of the Moto phones that would receive the Android Oreo update, doesn't include any phones from the Moto G4 series. What's more, to hide the evidence, Motorola has even modified the original Moto G4 Plus poster.

The original poster (via Android Police) assured both Android N and O updates for the smartphone. However, the current poster just mentions Android N. Even the Amazon India's landing page of Moto G4 Plus now has the modified poster.

Moreover, it seems like Motorola itself has not made up its mind over the Moto G4 Plus. Just three days back, someone asked Motorola via Twitter if the Moto G4 Plus will be updated to Android Oreo. Much to the user's happiness, the official Twitter handle of the company replied affirmatively. Here comes the twist, the tweet made by Motorola was quickly pulled down.

Needless to say, fans are not too happy about it. One Redditor asks "Isn't Motorola selling a product by deceiving customers using false information?" Well, Motorola has not yet made any announcements regarding this matter. Hopefully, they will come up with an explanation for all the confusion.

The Moto G4 Plus was originally launched in 2016 with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow operating system. So it was quite expected that the smartphone would be upgraded to Android 8.0.

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