Did Apple Really Remove Power Adapter From iPhones To Reduce Carbon Emission? Here Is What We Think


If there is a smartphone brand that can dare to launch a phone without any physical ports, then it is none other than Apple. The company is known for making design choices that might create a difference of opinions across the industry, which will then be adapted by the other brands over the years.

Did Apple Remove Power Adapter From iPhones To Reduce Carbon Emmission

When Apple removed the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, it was called as a courageous move. One of the reasons to remove the headphone jack was to promote its own wireless earphones -- the Apple AirPods. Android OEMs are currently trolling Apple for not including a power adapter in the box, and I am sure they will follow Apple in the next few years.

Removing Charger And Headphone From The Box

Apple recently announced the iPhone 12 series of smartphones, and the company confirmed that it will no more include headphones and power adapters in the retail package. Apple said that by not including a power adapter in the package, the company reduces e-waste ( 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions) generation by a huge margin.

By not including a power adapter and earphones in the package, the company will also save some money, which is always good for business. If this was indeed a move for reducing carbon emission, then the company should have includes a USB A to lighting port. Most iPhones (except for the iPhone 11 Pro, and the 11 Pro Max) shipped with a power adapter with a USB A female power adapter. However, that would have stirred another controversy by saying it's an outdated technology.

Alongside removing the power adapter from the iPhone 12 series, the retail packages of the iPhone 11, iPhone SE 2020, and the iPhone XR will also follow the trend and ship with just lighting to USB Type-C port.


An interesting feature that Apple unveiled during the iPhone 12 launch is the MagSafe, which is a wireless charging technology. MagSafe uses magnets to align the charger and the iPhone. It can fast charge the iPhone 12 up to 15W, and the brand also unveiled a series of first-party accessories that don't interfere with the charging.

In the next few years, Apple is likely to work on MagSafe technology to include more features. Given Apple's track record, the company might finally ditch the lighting connector to offer a completely bezel-less iPhone in the next few years.

Having no physical ports will also help the brand to make a phone more water-resistant. However, if this indeed turns out to be true, I am very curious about the method used for data transfer.

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