Users Reporting Dust Inside Nothing Phone (1): Downside Of Owning A Transparent Phone?


Several users are now sharing concerns regarding the quality control of the Nothing Phone (1). As per posts on Twitter, users are receiving phones with dust speckles. Is this one of the downsides of owning a transparent smartphone? Let us understand the same.

Users Reporting Dust Inside Nothing Phone (1)

As per the Twitter user named Kunal shah and Nimit, they have received a black variant of the Nothing Phone (1) with white colored micro dust inside the back panel. One of these users got in touch with the Nothing team and got his phone replaced. To his surprise, even the replacement unit had dust in it.

He has now raised a ticket to replace his second smartphone and waiting to receive a brand new phone, possibly with no dust in it. Many people are now commenting that this could be a recurring thing, and the brand won't be able to do much other than replace the unit. The issue seems limited to the black variant of the Nothing Phone (1) and not the white mode.

Reason Behind Dust?

One of the possible reasons for the dust under the back panel of the Nothing Phone (1) is the assembly environment. Until and unless it is entirely dust free, one won't be able to avoid dust getting stuck between the glass panel and the actual phone.

People are also suggesting that this is why no company makes a transparent smartphone, as it is very difficult to avoid dust. While some of the Nothing Phone (1) owners are not really bothered about this issue, the rest are actually not happy with the quality control of the Nothing Phone (1).

Does It Affect In Long Term?

Until and unless there is some issue with the adhesive used to seal the Nothing Phone (1), users need not have to worry about the tiny speckles of dust inside the Nothing Phon (1). However, it is definitely not going to be cosmetically pleasing, which is one of the major reasons to get it replaced, especially if you receive a faulty unit.


As of now, Nothing seems to be promptly replacing the unit for free of cost. However, it is yet to be seen if the company will do the same thing for all the users who have received a dusty Nothing Phone (1).

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