Finally! Samsung is Revealing the Reasons for Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

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Well, who hasn't heard about the infamous Samsung Galaxy Note7. Soon after it was launched, there had been several cases of the smartphone exploding or other cases of the phone heating up, then suddenly bursting up in flames and some have claimed to see smoke coming out of the device when kept idle.

What's hilarious is that the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones were even banned at airports and people could not take the phone onboard an aeroplane.

Finally! Samsung is Revealing the Reasons for Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

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As such, Samsung's brand reputation has been going up in flames because of the Note 7 fiasco. Moreover, a survey had revealed that 30 percent of Galaxy Note 7 owners were in support of or planning on getting an iPhone.

While Samsung has been hit by terrifying tales of customers' phones exploding in their hands, it has certainly resulted in its customers losing the trust of the company.

Coincidentally, the company's shares have also plunged 8 per cent in the market after it announced the end of the Galaxy Note 7. It has been a bad phase for the company with huge losses financially and as well as customer loyalty is concerned.

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Finally! Samsung is Revealing the Reasons for Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

So, Samsung is still recovering from this debacle and has made it clear that it will reveal why the Note7 went up in flames by the end of the year.

As of now, the company has said that a specific battery supplier was to blame. Samsung initially reported that phones fitted with batteries from a particular manufacturer were malfunctioning and as a result had started a global recall. Then the company had issued a recall and restarted the sales of units using new batteries from other sources.

Well, the Note7's were still catching fire left and right. Samsung announced on October 11 that it would be discontinuing the production of the Galaxy Note 7 permanently and stopped the global sale of the phone.

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Finally! Samsung is Revealing the Reasons for Galaxy Note 7 Explosion

Considering all that has happened, Samsung is working on an internal investigation and has promised to find out the exact cause for the Note7 fires. According to a report, the conclusions of this investigation will be made public before the end of the year.

Well for Samsung's customers this might be a good news that they will have the answers to what really happened. There will be a definitive cause for the Galaxy Note7 debacle. In the end, what Samsung will come up with should neatly tie up the Note7 story before the Galaxy S8 is announced at MWC in February.

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