Did You Know How Long Coronavirus Can Last On Your Smartphone? Check Out!


Smartphones are the commonly used gadgets and reports suggest that an average user touches his/her smartphone over 150 times a day. Eventually, a smartphone is one of the most exposed gadgets to viruses and germs on a daily basis. Now, while the coronavirus spread is a major concern across the world, there are increasing concerns about smartphones being exposed to the virus as well.

Did You Know How Long Coronavirus Can Last On Your Smartphone?

Some notable concerns are how long does the virus stay on a smartphone and how likely is someone to catch the virus on their phone. To estimate the risk factor, here we will see how long the virus can stay on the surface of a smartphone.

COVID-19 Spread Estimation

As per a study by WHO, the original SARS-CoV virus that was found in 2003 was stable for up to 96 hours on a glass surface. Besides this, the same lasted for 72 hours of stainless steel and hard plastic surfaces.

Now, a recent study conducted by the United States' National Institutes of Health reveals that the current novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can last up to 72 hours on stainless steel and hard plastic similar to the original one. And, the same on a cardboard surface is nearly 24 hours and four hours on a copper surface. This study does not reveal the effect of the virus on glass but we can expect it to be similar to the previous virus, which is 96 hours.

Given that most smartphones these days feature a glass panel at the front, we can expect the coronavirus to stay stable on a smartphone for up to 96 hours, which is four days. Not only smartphones, even other gadgets with a glass surface such as smartwatches, laptops, tablets, etc. can retain the novel coronavirus for up to 96 hours.

Clean Your Smartphone

As smartphones are the most commonly used gadgets and the most exposed one to coronavirus, it is important to clean the phone frequently. This way, you will avoid further exposure to the virus via your smartphone. We have already seen how to clean your gadgets to keep them free from coronavirus. Make sure that you do it in such a way that you do not damage the display coating of the device.

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