Leica offers best in quality Photography experience, to partner with Huawei for the launch of Huawei

    Today a smartphone is not just about mediocre specs, as consumer has grown smarter with smart products and technologies.

    Huawei P9 to get Best Photography Experience Offered by Leica

    In current times, a smartphone is a communicating device that is capable of doing things that a watch, a camera, a desktop, or a music player would do. In fact, smartphone is one device that has killed the market for point and shoot camera.

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    Ever since the camera on smartphone has gained popularity, those involved in making camera lenses and working on other technologies have also come up with even more interesting products.

    Huawei P9 to get Best Photography Experience Offered by Leica

    Leica is a brand that's history and contribution to photography is unparalleled. The company is credited for leading 'snapshot' photography, letting the world to conveniently capture thousands of moments and emotions as they happen in high quality. It has changed the way people would do photography.

    Leica's partnership with Huawei for P9 smartphone!

    It is believed that Leica would soon partner with another technology innovator, Huawei to create a new benchmark in smartphone camera technology that seems destined to reinvent photography.

    Huawei has been a trend setter in its own segment. The company has emerged as a global leader in filling maximum patents, not only in China but overseas. It has been a well-known brand for its innovative and specs heavy devices. The company is all set to debut its flagship smartphone called Huawei P9 in India to fascinate consumers, and beat its rivals in the industry.

    Huawei P9 to get Best Photography Experience Offered by Leica

    Huawei is all set to launch its much awaited Huawei P9 smartphone in India. The phone is coming soon with dual Leica lens, to let consumers have brilliant photography experience. The P9 is a specs heavy smartphone that brings the best of features in its category.

    Leica's fascinating journey

    Leica initially started out in the business of inventing microscope lenses for scientific research. Back then, it was known as Leitz after its founder, Ernst Leitz, the man who founded it. By 1925, it had created the first widely used 35mm camera. With its storming success, the company soon changed the face of photography forever.

    Huawei P9 to get Best Photography Experience Offered by Leica

    Later, it changed its name to Leica, which is a combination of the first three letters of Ernst Leitz's surname and the first two from the word camera; lei-ca.

    With the birth of the Leica camera and the devices it inspired, a new style of snapshot photography took off. The brand became a prominent name in this segment and inspired many of its peers. Ever since the company came in to limelight, millions of moments have been documented on film as they happen, with the camera becoming an extension of the eye of the photographer wishing to capture the emotion they see before them.

    Leica - a photographer's dream!

    Leica is the brand that made photography easy for the photographer! It was responsible for the ease at which photographers could capture images of people on the move - inspiring the street photography style still prevalent today. Its smooth operations and impressive performance has since then ruled many hearts. In fact, Queen Elizabeth was so fascinated by her Leica M that she once posed with it on a stamp.


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