Microsoft may be secretly working on a Surface Phone; reveals findings

Microsoft is yet to release a statement on this regard.

By Chandrika

While Microsoft keeps mum about the Surface Phone, we are quite hopeful that it will get launched sometime in future. The main reason is we often come across patents for such kind of devices.

Microsoft may be secretly working on a Surface Phone; reveals findings

Now, we have got our hands on a new evidence that just makes our hopes stronger. A Twitter user with the handle @h0×0d has discovered a new collection of apps in the Microsoft Store that are labeled as windows-8828080, which is actually of Microsoft's phone number. This means that the Redmond-based tech giant is secretly working on a mobile device, and wanted to drop some hints for the fans.

If that's the case, we expect Microsoft to make an official statement. While it could also be just a coincidence, chances are slim. What's more, it seems like some of the apps listed in this category are specifically developed for phones. Those apps may not be universal apps compatible with all Windows 10 devices like PCs and tablets.

As we have said before, without a confirmation from Microsoft, these are nothing more than unconfirmed signs of a mobile device that may or may not be in the works.
Similar instances has happened previously as well, an alleged Surface Phone was originally speculated to launch in 2016.

Then for some unknown reason the launch got pushed back to 2017. Last we heard, the launch was held back for indefinite period of time as part of company is said to be reconsidering its mobile push.

Rumors have it, Project Andromeda has some sort of connection with Microsoft's new mobile device, however there are not much details available to comment further on this matter. Andromeda is Microsoft's vision of the mobile future.


A recently discovered patent filed by Microsoft shows a mobile device featuring dual displays, which are connected by a so-called self-regulating hinge. So the signs are something is definitely cooking in Microsoft's kitchen.

Whatever the case is, readers are recommended to take the information with a pinch of salt or two.

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