What is eMCP? How Is It Different From eMMC?


Designing a smartphone is a much difficult task when compared to designing a laptop or a computer. A smartphone is nothing but a compact laptop/computer that constitutes parts like SoC, storage, memory, display, and more. Micromax recently launched its comeback smartphone -- the Micromax IN Note 1 that uses eMCP storage solution.

What is eMCP? How Is It Different From eMMC?

Most budget smartphones use eMMC storage, whereas the mid-range smartphones use UFS storage solution. eMCP storage technology sits in between eMMC and UFS storage solution. So, here is how a smartphone with eMCP storage solution is a lot better than eMMC.

When it comes to write and read speeds, storage modules like UFS 3.1 storage system is used in high-end flagship smartphones, and these storage units are much more expensive than the eMMC and eMCP memory.

eMMC stands for Embedded MultiMedia Card, and eMCP stands for Embedded MultiChip Packages. As the name suggests eMMC contains NAND (memory) plus MMC IC controller. eMCP also contains NAND, MWC controller IC, and DRAM.

A phone with an eMCP memory will have much lower inter-component latency, which also consumes less power. Whereas a phone with eMPC will have a separate RAM module which will have slightly higher inter-chip latency. Not just that, a smartphone with eMCP chipset will have a smaller motherboard, whereas a phone with eMMC chipset will have slightly bigger motherboard due to the presence of separate RAM module.

In simpler words, eMCP is more like an eMMC with a low-power memory on a single chip. Memory manufacturing companies like Kingston offers eMCP solutions with various configurations.

Which One To Choose?

As a customer does not get to choose it, it is best to go with a phone with an eMCP memory when compared to a phone with eMMC, which makes the Micromax In Note 1 a good pick over other budget smartphones that cost around Rs. 12,000.

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