Xiaomi Mi Mix’s Liquid Lens Tech Could Be Future Of Smartphone Photography


Xiaomi has been working on the Mi Mix smartphone for a while now. We've seen rumors, leaks, and even live images of the alleged Mi Mix smartphone. Previous reports have indicated the device to be a foldable smartphone with the flagship features. The latest update notes the Xiaomi Mi Mix would bring in the liquid lens for its cameras.

Xiaomi Mi Mix’s Liquid Lens Tech Could Redefine Future Phones

Xiaomi Mi Mix Liquid Lens Teased

The latest update comes from a few images and a small teaser video shared on Weibo. From the looks of it, Xiaomi has replaced the traditional glass elements with a new liquid lens. The brand is shifting from focusing motors found on most smartphone cameras to the latest liquid lens technology.

Reports suggest, having the liquid lens will help control and adjust the focus via an electrical charge. The benefits of using a liquid lens are many. For one, it helps change shape and focus on subjects, no matter the distance. Smartphone cameras can now make use of longer zoon and better autofocus than the traditional smartphone camera lenses used today.

What Are Liquid Lens?

The idea of a liquid lens might be intriguing. However, the liquid lens functions very similarly to the human eye. If we look at how our eye works - the light first enters our eye via the cornea, which then passes through the iris. The eye's crystalline layer and aqueous fluid then focus the light, which eventually hits the retina.

The functioning of the liquid lens is largely similar to this procedure. However, the complex and expensive technology of liquid lenses have restricted them for specialized industrial uses - especially in cases where traditional glass lenses might be very delicate to use. But now, Xiaomi seems to have successfully brought in the liquid lens to its smartphone camera in a new turn of events.

Xiaomi Mi Mix’s Liquid Lens Tech Could Redefine Future Phones

Bringing in the liquid lens to a smartphone camera has several advantages. OEMs can use the same lens for a range of focal distances. Their extremely thin structure allows manufacturers to easily slip it inside the smartphone. More importantly, a single liquid lens would replace the multiple quad- or triple-camera setup we're seeing on devices today. Be it a wide-angle, macro, or a telephoto sensor - the liquid lens can handle it all at once with its fluidity.

Liquid Lens: The Future Of Smartphone Camera?

Xiaomi Mi Mix’s Liquid Lens Tech Could Redefine Future Phones

Presently, smartphone consumers are well-adapted to have several camera lenses, up to five or six like we saw on the Nokia 9 PureView. Using multiple camera sensors could be much cheaper than using a single liquid lens. Moreover, OEMs like OnePlus and Vivo have been revamping their smartphone camera features.

More recently, we saw OnePlus partnering with Hasselblad to redefine smartphone photography. We also saw Vivo bringing in Zeiss cameras on the Vivo X60 series. Despite having multiple lenses, these brands have upgraded smartphone photography with these new features.

However, trying out the new liquid lens on its concept Mi Mix smartphone is a wise choice. Xiaomi has experimented with unique features on its concept devices and the liquid lens is a new example. But it would take years and several models more to bring in the liquid lens to regular smartphones.

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