Optimus G: LG Details the Story Behind New QSlide Multitasking Feature

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Optimus G: LG Details the Story Behind New QSlide Multitasking Feature

Popular mobile phone manufacturer LG has arrived with a new, interesting feature called QSlide which adds to the multitasking capabilities of Optimus G. With this latest feature, LG is emphasizing its approach of extending capabilities of Android based devices. 

QSlide, the new multitasking feature allows users to run two applications simultaneously on the 4.7 inch screen of Optimus G. Both active applications will become translucent upon the activation of the feature. This new feature has a lot of potential when it comes to app management. Using this features users will be able to respond to messages received on the phone while watching video. Users will not have to pause or stop the video to type mails as both the applications will run simultaneously without interfering with each other. 

Similar features have been previously introduced by Samsung in its best seller smartphone Galaxy S3 and in the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2. However the concept introduced by LG has a different dimension to it. It is much more effective and convenient. Several analysts who have reviewed the new QSlide feature from LG have claimed it to be much better than Samsung’s Pop up Play.

LG representatives has not mentioned about a potential integration of similar feature in other high end smartphones from the company. Hopefully other top models will also be getting this feature in the near future. Meanwhile, have a look at the video below.

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