Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Hammer Test’ Ends On a Tragic Note [Video]

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Samsung Galaxy S5, the most wishful handset of 2014, is trending these days amongst ardent techies.

Some have chosen to express their views about the device by writing a review while others have decided to take a non-traditional method to show their angst towards the Galaxy S5.

A YouTube user, TechRax, posted a hammer test video of that Samsung Galaxy S5 that ended on a rather unfortunate note. Yeah, that's right.

We literally don't know why this insane person dares to muscle down his priced  Galaxy S5. This champ posted a hammer test video of the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S5 that ended in tragedy. Though, his intention to perform this hammer test wasn't clear.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 ‘Hammer Test’ Ends On a Tragic Note [Video]

The results are somewhere predictable. Hammer tests are quite common in the tech world. In this case, the YouTuber flipped his phone over and started hammering onto the back of the phone.

The champ try to smash it down the Galaxy S5, popping open the battery case. As you see in the video, the battery swells like a balloon. Surprisingly, the device stood its ground to some minor shocks but the display finally gave out.

Watch this durable test conducted on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Take a look!

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