Samsung Gear Fit Review: The Perfect Wearable Dream That Still Needs Time

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Wearable devices in this modern era of computing and technology have arrived as the latest introduction and an evidence of what technology is currently capable of. And the new Gear Fit wearable device from Samsung only compliments that growing list of wearables in the market.

The Gear Fit, arriving after the likes of Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, is only the third Gear sibling and is basically a wearable band that currently aims to be big on style, although we are not really convinced by the kind of functions involved with it since the device is a little less function-heavy compared to its predecessors -- Note: No camera, no remote functionality and no storage options.

Samsung Gear Fit Review: The Perfect Wearable Device

Of course, we are just starting out, as far as the wearable technology is concerned. But considering the kind of design pattern Samsung has been looking into for the Gear Fit, it seems like the company could be that close in becoming a primary name in the wearables sector.

Before we head further into the device, it's needed to be said that users will need to use a compatible Samsung device in order to use the device. And the choices for that are enormous since there are as many 18 different Samsung devices (including the new S5) which currently supports the device.

Samsung Gear Fit Review: The Perfect Wearable Device

For starters, the device will instantly feel more comfortable on your wrist when compared to a numerous other vendors jumping on to the same bandwagon (provided you had prior experience with other such wearable devices). Apart from that, the Fit is also quite light to carry around on your wrist.

The device also comes with an adjustable hypoallergenic wristband with Samsung, ensuring that users won't ever lose the comfort quotient of the wearable via its two-prong buckle. And while this may not be that big a thing for most, but an adjustable two-prong makes it easy for the device to fit on potentially every sized wrist.

Samsung Gear Fit Review: The Perfect Wearable Device

But that's surely not all the information you are looking for, for the Gear Fit wearable. How does it work out when used in extreme conditions? What does its design and display have to offer? We have a brand new Gear Fit unit sitting on our desk ready to be reviewed. So let's get on with it, then.

Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit: Design and Display

Samsung has offered a curved 1.85-inch AMOLED screen on the Fit which, although can't actually be flexed, looks gorgeous nonetheless. The device might also seem a tad bit bigger compared to all others in the market, but that hardly makes a difference considering the kind of technology we have at our disposal.

It goes without saying that the device is water resistant in up to one meter of water for nearly 30 minutes. And as we mentioned earlier, the device also offers a two-prong buckle which anyway makes it easily fit on any wrist. But what we didn't tell you is the fact that you can even get rid of the wristband altogether in case you want to swap it some other colored band. Pretty cool, huh?

Samsung Gear Fit Review: The Perfect Wearable Device

While the Fit was initially locked with a horizontal display, Samsung has since changed the display option so as to support vertical display. Speaking about the display, users will experience a bit of problem adjusting to it since we are not really accustomed to a screen that's essentially a little more than the diameter of the average finger. But once that goes out of the way, it can be a real treat.

On the top of the device, users will find a single button to turn the screen on or off. Added with that is the Double Press feature that will let users assign a function of their choice that can be directly opened from sleep by tapping the button twice.

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