Samsung launches new Jitterbug Plus phone for Rs 6,000

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Samsung launches new Jitterbug Plus phone for Rs 6,000

Samsung has announced the release of a lower end no frills phone on to the international market. Samsung is releasing this phone in association with GreatCall Inc that is a market leader in the wireless services. The phone is named as Jitterbug Plus cell phone. The phone is simple in its design and functionality. This phone makes use of a smart new feature that will provide a prolonged battery life. The handset is designed to be handy for users as it has a light weight build. 

Key Features:

• Handset designed by Samsung

• User-friendly camera functionality

• Single click photo sharing to social networking sites such as Facebook

• Easier navigation

• Speaker capable of providing louder and clearer sound

• Bright colour screen

• 25 days standby time

The award winning handset Jitterbug Plus by Samsung will make use of an easy to use camera that has a one-touch photo sharing towards social networking websites like Facebook. Navigation can be done with ease using ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ buttons. This feature phone also makes use of a backlit keypad that has big legible numbers. 

The presence of improved speakers ensures that the conversations are louder and also clearer. The screen is brightly coloured with the numbers displayed in larger formats. The standby time of the battery is close to 25 days that make it a considerably better mobile phone when compared to the similar range handsets.

Jitterbug Plus mobile phone will be available for the users in mainly two colours. They are red as well as silver colours. Users can very well get assistance from the GreatCall operator for managing their Calendar or Phone Book by means of just dialling the ‘o’ button.

The operator service with this wireless carrier is available round the clock on a daily basis. Another important attraction with GreatCall carrier is that there is no long distance or roaming charges that are associated with this handset. It also has to be taken note that GreatCall service will never ask for the user to sign a contract.

Jitterbug Plus handset will be available for a retail price tag of approximately around Rs. 6,000/- that makes it an affordable handset with standard features. This device is released targeting the lower-end mobile phone customers who would like to enjoy better carrier service with a handset that is available at an affordable price tag.

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