Samsung Plans to Launch Phones With 560ppi in 2014, 4K Phones in 2015

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Recently, at Samsung's Analyst day, its CEO Kwon Oh Hyun, revealed that the company is working on foldable phones. The company also announced that these handsets would be seen in the market by 2015 or 2016.

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Samsung Plans to Launch Phones With 560ppi in 2014, 4K Phones in 2015

However, foldable displays are not the only products that the company spoke about in the event. The more impressive announcement comes with regards to the AMOLED display panels that the company said would sport a jaw dropping pixel density of 560ppi. If Samsung is to be believed, the smartphone market would soon see a 560ppi display offering a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels as soon as 2014. The company has not mentioned any specific timing as to when the roll-out will begin.

Samsung's Analyst Day has also let out some of the company's ground plans for the future. The company said that the users will get to see the Ultra HD displays by 2015. The display is also popularly known as 4K which will be offering a screen resolution of a whopping 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Lately, Samsung has been offering a number of technological innovations in its smartphone category. The tech community has already seen the smartphone with a flexible displays called the Galaxy Round which features a side to side curved display. Apart from that there is also a Galaxy Gear, a smartwatch which comes as an innovative wearable device.

However, when it comes to curved display, Samsung doesn't stand alone, as LG's G Flex phablet with the similar curved body has also been launched recently.

But looking at the way Samsung's approach towards new technology and its implications to the company's smartphones, its fans can surely get the best out of the company in near future.

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