Sony NGP, PlayStation The Latest Technology

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Sony NGP, PlayStation The Latest Technology
The New PlayStation has finally arrived in the market. The Song NGP which is everyone's dream of having is now here with a whopping price of 0 to 0. The gadget which goes by the name of NGP is actually a codename for the PSP2 , the Sony NGP stands for Next Generation Portable and I'm sure that the next generation is really going to enjoy this gizmo.

The new PlayStation comes with the most fantastic features who wouldn't possibly dream of. It has a five inch screen, surprisingly twin cameras with twin speakers and a sharp microphone.

The battery back up has always been the best thing when it comes to Sony. This Sony NGP has a battery life for four to five hours and also twin analogue sticks which is based on the ARM Cortex A9. However, the second analogue stick is very important as it allows you to move your character with one stick while looking for the other. It has a high definition touch sensitive back too so that it is easy for you to control the on screen action without hiding it behind your fingers.

The Sony NGP also includes Gps which is highly efficient today because it helps in finding location aware games via the PlayStation network. The Sony NGP tags along 3G connection, bluetooth and WiFi where the users can share their piece of fun with other users too.

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