Apple hairband headphone

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 Apple hairband headphone

Style is one of the biggest plus points of Apple products. Apple Mac, iPhone products are unique in their style and looks. Apple headphones are mostly used by Apple products users. Standard headsets with over-the-ear design are the most common type of headphones. Now Apple has revealed a headphone of unique design and size. This new Apple headphone resembles a hairband – an attractive look, but supposedly small drivers.

This new Apple Hairband headphone is the idea and design of Sang Hoon Lee, a famous creator and designer. Sang Hoon Lee might have thought that if an Apple headphone comes with the trademark Apple style and looks, it would be well received by not just the followers of Apple, but also gadget lovers. Sang Hoon Lee has successfully designed cool iPod docks for Apple, which were great successes and now his taste for an Apple Hairband headphone has to come to fruition, as this new design is expected to attract Apple fans and followers.

Apple Hairband headphones and the Apple iMacs and Macbooks have something in common - the stylish and sleek aluminum finish. Apple hairband headphones obviously come with the Apple logo, which glows. The volume controls for this headphone is designed such that it is hidden by the glowing Apple logo, yet it is easy to operate. The user will be able to adjust the headphone length for a comfortable fit. Reportedly, the Apple logo on the left and right of the headphones are used to turn off and turn on the volume respectively.

Attractive features of Apple Hairband headphone

  • Unique design resembling a hairband
  • Sleek Aluminum finish as in latest iMacs and MacBooks
  • Glowing Apple logo which covers the touch volume controls
  • Comfortable fit

Apple’s logo on the headphone also indicates that the headphones are active and working. Doubts will definitely arise questioning the acoustic quality and noise isolation of such a thin headphone, as it doesn’t come with earpads. Reportedly, there is no word from Sang Hoon Lee yet. But, it’s pretty sure that one who can come up with this cool idea for a headphone can definitely come up with ideas to make it perform quite well.

The uncertainty about the audio quality of the headset is the topic of discussion nowadays, but the reports on Apple Hairband headsets have proved that the design is pretty much accepted and appreciated by most critics.

Heedless of the doubts about the audio quality, Apple Hairband headphones are definitely one of the coolest and best looking headphones around.

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