Philips unveils 300W iPhone portable DJ controller/Hi-Fi Party Machine

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Philips unveils 300W iPhone portable DJ controller/Hi-Fi Party Machine

In a recent development, tech consumer goods manufacturer Philips has launched an ultimate party machine, Philips mini Hifi system.

According to the company press release, product will come loaded with multitude of features. To begin with, the device has two rotatable docks which users can use to play or charge their iPods and iPhones.

Users can also mix and scratch songs from the music libraries of the device. The popular djay app is included in the package to enhance the capability of the device as a music machine. This app allows users to mix tracks using a turntable interface.

The device also incorporates dynamic lighting facilities which can be utilized for spicing up the events where the music is being played. Another highlight feature of the device is the presence of Max Sound technology which enhances the sound effects to impressive levels.

Philips mini hifi system incorporates MP3 link that facilitates direct playback of MP3 music from portable music players. This feature makes it extremely convenient to music lovers to ‘plug and play’ their devices and enjoy music on the go.

The device also includes a feature called Digital Sound Control which offers a choice of pre-set controls for optimizing the frequency range based on the genre of the music being played. There are also channel faders present in the system which allows the facility to swap playback between two iPods or iPhones.

The bass reflective speaker system produces high quality sound through the 2 speaker boxes. Sound enhancements other than Max Sound include 3 steps dynamic bass boost and Digital Sound Control. These enhancements enrich the music experience to a great extent. The equipment has a heavy built with dimension of 442mm height, 780mm width and 430mm depth. The device uses LCD display along with VFD.

The Philips mini hifi system system is accompanied by a 13 key remote control which allows easier control of the functionalities of the device. Auto digital tuning is yet another feature which this device boasts of. The total sound power of 300w is moderate yet good enough for a DJ party set up.

The device is compatible with iPhone models from 3 onwards. The equipment also support most variations of iPod including classic, shuffle, touch and iPod touch 4th generation. Philips mini hifi system 300 w comes at an approximate cost of around $470(Rs. 25,000).

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