Put your computer aside cause the Cowon J3 AMOLED MP3 player is here

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Put your computer aside cause the Cowon J3 AMOLED MP3 player is here

Some time before, with the advent of Mp3 players, optical disc players lost their ground. More and more features are now being added to today’s Mp3 players. The devices have become very versatile and are more than a simple entertainment device now.

For an audiophile quality of the music counts more than anything when looking for a portable music player. If you want excellent music quality then Cowon series of music players will be the best and most apt choice for you.

The company which is a favorite among the audiophiles offers one of the best audio qualities that you can find in a portable media player. And the legacy is continued through Cowon J3.

One look at the device and Cowon J3 Music player reminds you of the Apple iPod touch. It may be due to the fact that the device dimensions and the screen size is almost similar. Cowon J3 has a 3.3 inch capacitive touch screen display. The touch screen in it allows the user easy navigation through tens of hundreds of music files.

The screen can be used to view videos too. The device is made in a gloss plastic material. The look and feel of the device is very good. Owing to the plastic case the device weighs 20 gm less than Apples high end media player.

Even though the case is plastic the device is sufficiently strong and sturdy compared to some other players having a plastic case and which are very flimsy. There are buttons in the right side of the player that can be used for the basic music manipulation features. This helps the user to easily change through tracks or change the volume without even taking the player from pocket.

Cowon J3 Music player has a moderate quality display that packs in a somewhat ok resolution. Not all the video formats are supported by the player and it is not very practical to watch full length movies in the device screen.

There is a video out put port to which you can connect your TV or monitor and you can enjoy the movies via them. The touch sensitivity of the screen is extremely good. A simple light tap is more than enough to activate the controls.

The user interface is a bit complicated according to some reviewers but the functionality and responsiveness of the interface is very impressive.

The main plus point in Cowon J3 Music player is its audio quality and no matter whatever shortcomings the device is said to have, they won’t matter much once you play the music and hear the extreme quality of music.

There a re a lot of options in the device that can be adjusted to optimize the music according to your needs. The five band equalizer in the device is provided by Cowon’s Jetengine 3.0. This gives the device equalizer settings that can be widely adjusted along with Mach3bass like effects that can definitely aid the quality of sound in low –ends. BBE options too are available for high end frequencies.

The lot of extra options that you get along with the mp3 player includes a FM radio recorder.

The device can be used as a stand alone voice recorder too. The other applications include things like clock and calendar. Cowon J3 Music player has a price range varying from Rs.13, 500 to Rs 17,500in India since they come with different memory capacities.

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