Airtel has launched 4G service in Bengaluru

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Airtel has launched 4G service in Bengaluru

If you are living in Kolkata or Bengaluru, you can enjoy the superfast 4G services. The service offers download speeds of 100 Mbps. Bharti Airtel announced the 4G services for Kolkata last month. It also announced that it will be launching the service in Bengaluru in 30 days.

The teleco is in the process to launch the service in Maharashtra (Mumbai will be excluded) and Punjab circles. Yesterday, Airtel launched the 4G services in Bengaluru officially. There was a launch event held in the city. Currently, those users in these two cities can enjoy the service through a wireless router or Airtel 4G dongle.

Using the dongle, only one user can connect to the internet while the router allows to create a Wi-Fi hotspot helping several users to connect to the internet simultaneously. The service provider offers several data plans for the consumers.

As of now, there are four monthly plans such as Rs 999 for 6 GB, Rs 1,399 for 9 GB, Rs 1,999 for 18 GB and Rs 2,999 for Rs 30 GB respectively. It doesn't mean that these plans are limited. Once the download limit is reached, the speed will reduce to 128 Kbps. For instance, in the Rs 1,399 plan, after the 9 GB download limit, the speed will reduce.

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