Asteroid Bigger Than Burj Khalifa To Flyby Earth On This Day


Asteroids passing close to Earth are not a new phenomenon and we come across various such reports quite often. Recently, it was reported that an Asteroid as big as Mt. Everest which could wipe out half the humanity is hurtling towards Earth. Now,Another massive asteroid which is said to be close to Burj Khalifa in size, is expected to skim Earth next month. Following are the details:

Asteroid Bigger Than Burj Khalifa To Flyby Earth On This Day


Details On The Asteroid:

According to NASA, the asteroid dubbed 2000 QW7 measures between 290-650 meters in width and 828 meters in height. It is expected to fly past Earth on September 14 with a speed of around 23,100 km/hour, suggests NASA's CNEOS (Center For Near-Earth Object Studies), a part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena.

The agency further revealed that the 2000 QW7 is a near-Earth object (NEO), yet it will be skimming our planet at a safe distance of 3.3 million miles or 5.3 million km. These near-Earth objects (asteroids and other space materials) fly within 1.3 astronomical units (AU) of our planet where one astronomical unit is equal to the distance from the Earth to the Sun (92.9 million miles or 149.6 million km). This means the 2000 QW7 will skim past the Earth at a distance of 0.03564 astronomical units.

This is not the first time this asteroid has crossed paths with our planet. It previously came near to Earth on September 1, 2000, and following its suggested crossover on September 14, 2019; It is likely to pass by Earth by October 19, 2038.

Recently, NASA also tracked another massive asteroid called 2006 QQ23 that skimmed Earth just by a margin of under five-million light-years moving at a speed of 10,400 miles per hour. This asteroid is close the size of a 100-storey building measuring 1860-ft in diameter at its widest point.

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