CES 2020: Bosch Unveils Virtual Sun Visor To Avoid Road Accidents


The number of traffic accidents is increasing consistently. While there are several reasons for road accidents like reckless driving, drunk driving - the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that Sun glare is one of the prominent reasons for accidents. This is where Bosch is helping with the new virtual visor to block the Sun's glare.

CES 2020: Bosch Unveils Virtual Sun Visor To Avoid Road Accidents


Bosch Virtual Visor Features

Bosch unveiled the virtual visor in a bid to help drivers with the Sun's glare while driving. The technology is inspired by LCD televisions and applies Artificial Intelligence. The Bosch virtual visor uses algorithms and a camera to analyze what the driver is seeing through the liquid crystal display.

Next, the virtual visors darken the section through which the sunlight glare hits their eyes, the German automobile company revealed at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Only a section of the screen is darkened while the rest of the display remains transparent. In this way, the virtual visors block the sun without obscuring a large section of the driver's field of vision.

Bosch highlighted the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data that shows thousands of accidents occurring each year due to the Sun's glare. Another data revealed that road accidents are higher by 16 percent when the sun is shining brightly and directly towards the driver's field of vision.

The traditional sun visors used in automobiles now block a large area from the driver's field of vision to avoid the glare. In comparison, the new Bosch virtual visor features advanced technology. "You could be driving right toward the sun and you would still be able to see adequately," said Jason Zink, one of the engineers on the project at the unveiling.


Zink also mentioned that the developing team found most drivers adjust their traditional sun visors in a way that it casts a shadow on their own eyes. Ryan Todd, the engineer behind the idea of virtual visors says that he was inspired by how TV sets can control the brightness with LCD technology.

For now, there's no report about when the visor technology will be commercially available. A Bosch spokesperson said that the company is currently in 'active discussions' on commercializing the visors. But there were no other details provided.

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