COAI Reaffirms Support for Net Neutrality, But Also Pitches Strong for ‘Net Equality'

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The COAI today reaffirmed its support to Net Neutrality and made a strong pitch for ‘Net Equality' that will enable access to Internet for a Billion Indians as part of the Government's Digital India vision.

COAI Reaffirms Support for Net Neutrality

Clearing misconceptions that have arisen from the recent public debate over net neutrality and concerns over operators who are trying to control the consumers' access to the Internet, COAI said:

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  • We support an open Internet and believe that consumers, should decide what to do online. Our job is to enable consumers to benefit from that freedom.
  • We offer choice and do not block or provide any preferential access to any web site or app.

COAI also underlined their commitment to the Digital India story and called for an open, inclusive and affordable Internet access for every Indian.

The Industry Association added that India's telecom revolution has empowered over 950 million citizens through affordable services and the Internet revolution must now touch every citizen of the country.

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COAI said its members are fully committed to investing in the Government of India's Digital India vision and need an enabling environment that promotes the growth of the entire Internet ecosystem.

India has over 950 million mobile subscribers - the second largest in the world. This growth was enabled by innovation across the ecosystem - in our ever expanding complex networks, outsourcing models, infrastructure sharing, innovative pricing structures - that allowed operators to offer customers some of the most innovative and affordable call rates in the world.

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We believe that our role is to enable all services to reach customers across the country. One of the key factors to enable this is that the same rules must apply to the same types of services, including Mobile and IP Voice services. This is the only way to ensure digital inclusion and bring about social and economic good to the common man.

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