Flexible XSense displays [Video]

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Flexible XSense displays [Video]

Can Samsung Galaxy device or iPhone do this? Maybe someday it can. Atmel, a company manufacturing hardware for device of LG, Acer and Samsung has introduced XSense which is a flexible touchscreen. This is claimed to make the smartphones and tablets lighter and sleeker.

The video shows that these flexible touchscreens can be used for new products like watches and coffee machines. A representative of the company says that the screen is highly bendable as it makes use of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) that is more flexible than the normal stiff materials.

Not only Atmel believes that the bendable screens are the future. LG Display announced last week about the mass production of the electronic paper displays for the e-book readers. Nokia has also introduced the prototype of a handheld device that can bend and twist the screen to scroll and zoom. Even Samsung is in plans to make phones with the flexible displays this year.

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