For Sale: Bill Clinton Laptop with First Presidential Email

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For Sale: Bill Clinton Laptop with First Presidential Email

The laptop which was used by Bill Clinton, the former President of United States of America, for sending his first presidential e-mail is up for sale at a pricing of $1,25,000 (approx. Rs 6,70,1625).

The former President sent his first e-mail, a historic message, to astronaut John Glenn in space. The e-mail earned the reputation of being the first e-mail from a US President and also was the first e-mail from a President which was to the outer space. The laptop however contains other interesting documentations including the signed photo of the former President, along with a signed print-out of the historic e-mail with signature of Astronaut Glenn. 

Bill Clinton was the first President to send an e-mail while in Office where as he was not a regular user of e-mails. Reports suggest that the President had sent only two e-mails during his entire eight year term as the President of United States of America.

The laptop then was handed over to Robert Darling who was the White House Physician during that time. It then eventually reached the hands of the seller. The laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro is now available from a private collector who has put the device for sale in eBay online retail store. The auction will end on November 11. 

The first e-mail was sent by Astronaut and Senator John Glenn to the President from space on November 6, 1998 after the late October launch of space shuttle Discovery. In the e-mail to the President Glenn was stated as saying, “This is certainly first for me, writing to a President from space.

The whole crew was impressed that you would be the first president to personally see a shuttle launch.” Bill Clinton responded to the e-mail on November 7, 1998 stating “Hillary and I had a great time at the launch.” The laptop is believed to have whole of the entire mail exchange on the hard drive itself, as it was made more than a decade before Gmail and cloud-based e-mail were actually launched.

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