Google Introduces New Compose Feature to Gmail: How To Compose and Reply to Messages?

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Google Introduces New Compose Feature to Gmail: How To Compose and Reply to Messages?

Gmail is probably the most popular e-mail service in the world. Google has been consistently updating its features so that it stays fresh and efficient. However it had its own flaws. One of the flaws was the inflexibility user have in accessing other mails without saving and closing the mail they are currently editing. However, Google has noticed this and has finally got a fix for the same.

Google has introduced a new compose and reply view which displays pop up windows which allows users to browse through their Inbox in Gmail while composing an email. Google has informed that this functionality will add convenience is circumstances where a user has to refer to previous emails for finding related information. With this new feature, users will be easily able to retrieve previous conversations and mails without affecting the drafting of the current mail.

The new feature allows users to keep two windows open. Users no longer need to save and close the draft for finding older emails. Users can also use this feature to monitor the inbox while they draft new emails. Since compose and reply windows work like chat screens, it is possible to open multiple emails at once. Users can choose to minimize a screen if they plan to finish the email later. This new feature is a much awaited one and millions of Gmail users will surely appreciate this update from Google. Countless clicks will be saved in the process and the email experience will be delivered in an enhanced fashion.

How to Compose New Message?

Step 1: If you want to compose a new email, click on the Compose button, but, it will not redirect you to a new message window as before.

Step 2: A window will pop-up similar to the chat message pane with options including Recipients, Text formatting, insert options, discard, more options, windows size and more.

Step 3: Anytime you want to switch to the older compose mode, select the option Switch Back to Old Compose under More.

How to Reply to Messages?

The main change is that the compose mail appears at the bottom of the like an horizontal pane and it is quite similar to composing a new message.

Step 1: If you want to change the subject while replying, you select the option 'Start Separate Conversation' in the drop down menu next to the name of the recipient.

Step 2: Also, select reply, reply all or forward from the same drop down menu.

Step 3: You respond along with the previous message by clicking on the 'Show Trimmed Content' icon at the bottom of the compose space.

Google is also working on additional features that will allow users to insert emoticons, event invitations, print drafts from More menu, add labels to outgoing messages and send read receipts.

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