Hacking group Anonymous Splits with WikiLeaks after Paywall Dispute

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Hacking group Anonymous Splits with WikiLeaks after Paywall Dispute

Friends are turning foes now for Julian Assange. Long term supporters of WikiLeaks, Anonymous hacking community has announced their dissatisfaction over the changing focus of WikiLeaks. Their twitter account, AnonymousIRC has commented that WikiLeaks has become a ‘the one man Julian Assange Show’. 

Moreover, WikiLeaks has started asking users to pay donation for accessing millions of leaked documents. This move from WikiLeaks has been criticized by Anonymous saying that it is against the very purpose of creating the site. According to them the idea behind WikiLeaks was to provide common public with information that is usually kept secret by industries and governments.  

Anonymous has made it clear that they are no longer interested to know what Julian Assange is doing personally, which is what WikiLeaks has been promoting off late more. As per the tweet, their aim was to bring more transparency in the way Governments are run across the world and to make information available to public for which they have a right to know. 

Anonymous community has been a staunch supporter for WikiLeaks in both online and offline campaigns favouring Assange and his crusade against secret information ever since WikiLeaks was launched. They are also considered to be one of the most active contributors to leaked information including the latest Stratfor emails, which took the world by storm. 

It seems that WikiLeaks and Julian Assange have to go back to drawing board and redefine their purpose of existence and make members like Anonymous convinced on their shared vision. But it seems a tough job at hand. 

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