Impossible to control technological beasts

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Impossible to control technological beasts

The social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube were the places that will allow you to chat with your friends, exchange your photos with those of others and also plan some outing or party. The rules on these websites were too loose and anything done on these were too friendly.

These websites were initially started with an aim to bring the users together but now the online hangouts are changed into places where the users have started to throw their ideas and opinions. Google+, Facebook, Orkut and YouTube allow the real time interaction of users and they eliminate the distances between the users by letting them feel that they are close.

The small wonder part of India also seems to be worried over this issue as they are not aware of what they can do to with those users who openly hate a leader of some political party or trash some public policy tweets or those who support the profane ones.

The Indian government should have been much smarter than simply calling the great social media companies like Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Facebook to a meeting and impose strict rules. When this news has got leaked, the technological beasts became too angry and the users of the social networks have gone to a fury to conserve their rights.

The Communications Minister of India, Kapil Sibal held a conference recently and highlighted the type of contents that are opposed by the government and he added that they require pre-screening of content and not censoring. This is not wrong but it is not clear on who has to take this up, the government, the users or the hosts.

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