India gets first Ancient Manuscripts Digital Library

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India gets first Ancient Manuscripts Digital Library

The digital world is growing day by day. This can be substantiated by the fact that many processes that were time consuming once upon a time have been simplified by the digital world. For instance, a decade ago, people had to wait for hours together in long queues to book railway tickets, but now thanks to the digital revolution, people can get their tickets online with a single click.

Now, the latest addition to the digital world is the ancient manuscript collection also termed as ancient manuscript digital library. This novel concept has been brought to India and is here to stay.

The digital library of Ancient Manuscripts provides users with first hand access to information, data that are well over 1000 yeras old. This endeavour aims to preserve India's rich culture, tradition and also aims at making the future generations aware  of Indian heritage.

This new e-library has around 5 lakh pages and also has information, data(e-books, e-manuscripts, ancient scripts) about various Indian religions, history, tradition, astronomy, heritage etc. Thus, the e-library is an ocean of Knowledge.

People are catching up with the digital library trend at a rapid rate and this fact can be substantiated when we consider the digitization of approximately 2000 ancient manuscripts, ancient texts belonging to the Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Institute Of Indology, Ahmedabad. The institute also plans to convert around 75,000 of it's ancient manuscripts into the digital form. This sure is the right step in preserving our rich cultural heritage.

The initial cost of the projct was supposedly Rs 40 lakh. But this is a meagure figure when compared to the knowledge that people obtain through the digital library.

Most of the educational institutes across the country are resorting to digitize their content and are sure to serve as preservers of India's rich cultural heritage. So, the next time you lay your hands on a computer, browse through India's rich cultural heritage and be assured of a knowledge, experience of a lifetime.

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