ISRO Successfully Launches Risat Surveillance, Nine Commercial Satellites In 21 Minutes


ISRO has successfully placed its latest surveillance satellite, the Risat-2BR1 into the orbit. Additionally, the PSLV carried nine foreign satellites from four countries, making it a total of 319 foreign satellites launched since 1999. The ISRO Risat satellite launch will now send us sharp images for surveillance, agriculture, forestry, and disaster management.

ISRO Risat Satellite Launch Successful


ISRO Risat Satellite Launch Successful

ISRO chief K. Sivan said: "I am extremely happy to declare that the 50th PSLV rocket had injected the RISAT-2BR1 and nine customer satellites into precise orbit." The successful satellite launch marks the 50th mission of PSLV rocket and the 75th rocket launch from Sriharikota, Sivan noted. The launch took place at 3.25 PM, where the PSLV rocket standing around 44.4 meters tall took off with a total of 10 satellites.

The Vikram Processor-1601 designed by Vikram Sarabhai Space Center (VSSC) guided the entire launch. The Vikram Processor is used for various reasons like general processing applications, rocket navigation, guidance, and control. The Chandigarh based Semi-Conductor Laboratory coming under the Department of Space also played a crucial role in guiding the satellite launch.

ISRO Risat Satellite Launch Successful

The launch vehicle - PSLV rocket is a four-stage/engine expendable rocket equipped with four strap-on booster motors that support with extra thrust during the initial take-off stages. The rocket is powered by solid and liquid fuels alternatively.

ISRO Launches Risat, Commercial Satellites

The Risat satellite is equipped with a powerful camera that can capture images through clouds. ISRO said that the images will be sent to the required government agency for their purposes. Additionally, one more Risat-2BR2 satellite will also be launched before the end of 2019.


There were nine foreign satellites aboard the PSLV rocket, where four multi-mission Lemur satellites, technology demonstration Tyvak-0129, earth imaging 1HOPSAT were from the USA. Israel sent a remote sensing Duchifat-3 satellite and Italy loaded a search and rescue Tyvak-0092. Lastly, the Japanese QPS-SAR - a radar imaging earth observation satellite was also launched.

Within the first 16 minutes, the rocket launched the Risat satellite into its orbit. A minute later, the nine commercial satellites from various countries were released. The entire launch event took place for about 21 minutes.

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