Massive Galaxies Undiscovered For Years Detected In Space


Scientists have discovered several galaxies that remained unseen since we first studied the galactic space. And with the advancement in technologies, more of such discoveries are made consistently. The latest developments come after a few days following the discovery of two black holes in the Milky Way galaxy.

Massive Galaxies Undiscovered For Years Detected In Space


Details Of The New Findings:

The study conducted by a group of astronomers from the University of Tokyo reveals that there are around 39 galaxies which have remained undiscovered until now. One of the primary reasons for them to remain a mystery was the large distance which reduces their brightness making them hard to detect.

How Was The Study Completed?

The astronomers used a powerful satellite - the ALMA array to detect the light emitted by these undetected galaxies. This satellite can detect the wavelength in sub-millimeter levels making it easy to locate distant objects in the space.

As per Tao Wang, one of the researchers, the existence of these galaxies and their age has been a topic of discussion for them. "It was tough to convince our peers these galaxies were as old as we suspected them to be. Our initial suspicions about their existence came from the Spitzer Space Telescope's infrared data," he said.

However, the ALMA array telescope is quite powerful and had captured the minute details even at submillimeter level wavelengths. Wang quoted "But ALMA has sharp eyes and revealed details at submillimeter wavelengths, the best wavelength to peer through dust present in the early universe. Even so, it took further data from the imaginatively named Very Large Telescope in Chile to prove we were seeing ancient massive galaxies where none had been seen before."

Explaining further, Wang revealed that this is the first time that these many galaxies have been discovered collectively and how it contravenes the current models during the initial period of the cosmic evolution.


"This is the first time that such a large population of massive galaxies was confirmed during the first 2 billion years of the 13.7-billion-year life of the universe. These were previously invisible to us and the finding contravenes current models for that period of cosmic evolution and will help to add some details, which have been missing until now."

What The New Findings Suggest?

The latest study suggests that there are numerous undiscovered galaxies in the outer space hidden millions of light-years away. It also gives an insight on the galaxy formation pattern and how they age while shedding light on the black holes at their center. Moreover, it is being said that the size of the black holes at the center of a galaxy is proportional to the size of the universe. All these latest findings indicate the existence of unidentified galaxies in the universe and we might see more of them in the future.

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