Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 OS

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Microsoft announces Windows Phone 8 OS

The news about the Windows Phone 8 operating system is in the talks for a long time. Yesterday, the software giant, Microsoft announced the smartphone OS at an event in San Francisco. The official announcement included a sneak peak at the operating system. It is claimed to be the most advanced mobile OS of Microsoft. The smartphones running this OS will be launched later this year.

The Windows Phone 8 has many new capabilities. It is the most successful and powerful mobile OS on Earth. The Windows Phone 8 is based on the same technologies that are used in Windows 8. Consequently, the mobile OS will have new features for developers, businesses and consumers. These new features will translate to better and faster performance.

The highlighted features of the Windows Phone 8 include support to multi core processor, bigger and sharper screens, more flexible storage, Internet Explorer 10, NFC wireless sharing, better maps and directions, Wallet feature and improved apps and games support.

The Windows Phone 8 operating system has a flexible Start screen. The OS is more personal with new theme colors and Live tiles that can be controlled by users. Unfortunately, the existing Windows Phone handsets will not receive the WP8 upgrade. But, they will be updated to Windows Phone 7.8 OS.

The Windows Phone 8 is expected to be launched in October along with the PC version. The smartphones sporting this operating system will also be launched more or less in the same time.

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