Microsoft Surface tablet to cost $2,150

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Late June, the possible pricing of the Microsoft Surface tablets were leaked. The prices were quite high but were comparable to the cost of iPad. Microsoft announced the Surface tablets with the aim to dethrone Apple iPad.

A recent report reveals the alleged pricing details of the Microsoft tablets. The new price is too high and it cannot be compared to the earlier one. As per the new report, the base model is priced at $1,000 and the advanced version is priced at $2,150 (translates to a whopping price of Rs 1,20,000).

However, there is no official information regarding the pricing of the Surface tablets. The retail pricing will be revealed closer to the launch date. If Microsoft launches these tablets at such expensive prices, only die hard Microsoft fans will opt for them.

The Surface tablets are special as they have a special keyboard accessory. These tablets also have the complete version of Windows. Besides being slick and pretty and loaded with hi-tech features, they ought to be in a similar price range as the other tablets to survive in the market.

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