New AI System Can Predict Seizure With Perfection


Artificial Intelligence applications have been steadily scaling over the past couple of years. While AI has multiple applications, a lot of developments in healthcare have sprouted. Here is one such AI system that can predict seizures. The new AI system is believed to be near-perfect for seizure predictions. Here's how.

New AI System Can Predict Seizure With Perfection


AI System For Seizure Prediction

The AI system can predict epileptic seizures with almost 99.6 percent precision. What's more, the system can predict the seizure almost an hour before the attack, giving the person sufficient time to prepare for it by seeking medical aid. The AI system developed by Hisham Daoud and Magdy Bayoumi of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is a major leap for healthcare.

World Health Organization reports that roughly 50 million people in the world have epilepsy. The report says that at least 70 percent of these people can control their seizures with medication. The new AI system for seizure prediction is a new milestone, reports IEEE Spectrum.

The seizure prediction systems currently analyze brain activity with an electroencephalogram, or simply EEG. There are also smart arm bracelets that can predict nightly seizures. All of these systems apply the predictive model later. The new AI system has a unique method where both of those things are done at once.

AI System For Healthcare

The AI system for seizure prediction applies a deep learning algorithm that jots brain activity. At the same time, the system can also predict the electrical channels lighting up during a seizure. The researchers state that the AI system will still require some time to be available for widespread use.

The research duo is currently working on a custom chipset that can process the necessary algorithms to predict such seizures. Nevertheless, the news is a welcome one for patients with epilepsy. Today, various such technologies are helping with healthcare research and developments. The new AI system for seizure prediction is one such that aims to make life easier for ailing patients.

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