Samsung protects six new Galaxy names

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Samsung protects six new Galaxy names

Samsung files for trademark in order to protect the names for new variants of the Galaxy devices. In February, Samsung acquired the names Galaxy Heir, Galaxy Rite, Galaxy Awaken and Galaxy Axiom. In March, paperwork for the names Galaxy Premier, Galaxy Next and Galaxy Grand was filed. Last month, the company protected the names Sire, Lift and Perx.

Now, in May, the brand has requested trademark for the names Galaxy Forge, Galaxy Lunge, Galaxy Rivet, Galaxy Mission. Galaxy Victory and Galaxy Wield. Why don't we reserve all the names starting from A-Z to Samsung as long as the Galaxy series is live?

However, the brand will not be using all these names for its new handsets. It might be protecting the names from others. Trademarked names doesn't mean that they have to be used. The company has recently launched its flagship device, the Galaxy S3. The SGS3 is the official smartphone of the Olympics 2012 in London. We can expect names like Victory and Lunge at the event.

Already, Samsung is the number one when it comes to smartphones. The addition of the more devices will definitely help the manufacturer to stand ahead of the others in the race. The Galaxy line is the most successful. The Galaxy S2 was the best device of 2011. The Galaxy S3 has received 9 million pre-orders in just two weeks. Check out the best Galaxy smartphones.

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