Big Bang Theory Inexact? We Might Be Living Inside Five-Dimensional Black Hole


It's widely believed that the universe was formed billions of years ago after the phenomenon called Big Bang occurred. The theory is considered to be the most logical way to explain why the universe keeps expanding. The universe's trait of singularity also substantiates this theory.

Big Bang Theory Inexact? We Might Be Living Inside 5D Black Hole


However, a new team of scientists has claimed that black holes also share this trait of singularity. The scientists suggest that the universe exists beyond the event horizon of a higher dimensional black hole that might be there since the inception of time.

The new research conducted by a team of astrophysicists at the Canada's University of Waterloo suggests that we might be living in a four-dimensional black hole which might have been formed due to the collapse of a five-dimensional star.

''This was an idea that came up around four years ago with Niayesh Afshordi, another professor at Waterloo. The basic idea was that maybe the singularity of the universe is like the singularity at the center of a black hole," said Robert Mann who led the research, reports.

"The idea was in some sense motivated by trying to unify the notion of singularity, or what is incompleteness in general relativity between black holes and cosmology. And so out of that came the idea that the Big Bang would be analogous to the formation of a black hole, but kind of in reverse," he added.

After testing the theory by using the laws of string theory, the team suggested that the world we live in might be just a three-dimensional world that is inside a membrane of four dimensions.

Previously, a former NASA scientist revealed that a black hole could exist at the center of our planet. Louise Riofrio said this talking to Blake Cousins, a popular YouTuber with the channel name 'Third Phase of Moon'.


Many scientists have made such bizarre claims in the past, but a majority of them are yet to be proved. According to an astrophysicist, extraterrestrial life could exist on moons outside our solar system. Called "exomoons" the moons orbiting other planets might sustain alien life.

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