Superhexa Vision Puts Most AR Glasses To Shame With Its Crazy Hardware


Superhexa Vision is a pair of smart glasses that could eventually replace dedicated cameras (Action cameras) and smartphones. Xia Yongfeng, an automation graduate and entrepreneur, created these vision glasses, and his ambitious project is backed by Xiaomi. The Superhexa Vision isn't your typical pair of smart glasses, and it's not even attempting to be one.

Superhexa Vision Puts Most AR Glasses To Shame With Its Crazy Hardware

The AR glasses appear to be something straight out of a sci-fi Hollywood film, something Tom Cruise would wear on one of his Mission Impossible adventures. The dual camera AR Glasses have a 50MP wide-angle camera and an 8MP 15x telephoto dual-camera system, as well as a crazy bright Micro-OLED screen. The Vision glasses are designed to function as a standalone device and can perform advanced AR interactions and real-time translations.

Let's get into the details.

Superhexa Vision Puts Most AR Glasses To Shame With Its Crazy Hardware

Capture As You See In Real Time

The intriguing dual-lens camera system with a high-resolution wide-angle camera and a 15x telephoto sensor is housed in the left temple. Vision, according to Superhexa, is an ideal camera device for quick action shots and recording. You can take hands-free photos from a perspective that matches what you see in real-time. Fascinating right?

The glasses have an LED shooting indicator that lights up when the cameras are activated to take a picture, something that makes sense from a privacy standpoint. Since the smart glass support both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you would be able to transfer images from the glasses to a smartphone wirelessly.

Superhexa Vision Puts Most AR Glasses To Shame With Its Crazy Hardware

Extremely Bright Micro-OLED Display

The Vision glasses sport a new generation of Micro-OLED screens with a mind-boggling peak brightness of 1800nits. Some of Apple's and Samsung's most expensive smartphones can't compete with the peak luminosity of Vision's Micro-OLED display. Even in direct sunlight, the screen should provide a class-leading visual experience.


Unique AR Experiences

The Xiaomi Vision smart glasses support AI real-time translation, allowing for real-time speech-to-text translation in over ten languages. These smart glasses are also said to support a variety of augmented reality experiences, such as smart object recognition. The glasses can scan and identify things like exotic plants, allowing you to interact intelligently with your surroundings.

It should be noted that Superhexa does not require any wiring. The smart glasses are powered by an octa-core Qualcomm chipset and have a small 1020mAh battery cell that should last at least 90 minutes of continuous video recording and up to three hours of regular camera use.

The Superhexa Vision will be available soon on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. We are still waiting to hear whether the product will be available in India.

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