Top 5 internet searches of 2011

By Rahul Ramesh

Top 5 internet searches of 2011


1) iPhone 5:  The iPhone 5 IS believed to be one of Apple's most ambitious projects. The iPhone 5 rumours are all over the place even before it's release. It seems that people couldn't hide their excitement over the iPhone 5 & kept on searching for it over the internet in 2011. Thus, iPhone 5 became one of the top internet search queries of 2011. Thus, all these made the iPhone 5 one of the most searched internet queries in the year 2011.

2) Steve Jobs:  Ever since his untimely demise, Steve Jobs has been the topic of search over the internet. His charisma, will do achieve new heights inspired people all over the world. All these ensured that the queries for Steve Jobs grew many fold in 2011. These searches also ensured an indirect search traffic to Apple as well. One more interesting factor here is the number of searches for Steve Jobs overtook the number of searches for Barrack Obama.

3) iPad 2:  One of Apple's revolutionary computing devices, the iPad 2 took the world by storm by recording very impressive sales figures. This was seen as a substitute to conventional computers by many & in turn led to the iPad 2 becoming the most searched for keyword on the internet for 2011. The iPad 2 accounted for over 18 percent of internet searches in 2011.

4) Google+:  Seen as an alternative to Facebook, Google+ took the social networking world by storm in 2011. In just under a few weeks after it's launch, Google+ recorded massive user registrations. This in turn led to curiosity among the users & therefore led to Google+ becoming one of the most searched for terms in 2011.

5) BattleField 3:  BattleField 3 is Electronic Arts' video game that has captured the world's imagination. Believed to be a high-end, real-life like game, BattleField 3 generated a lot of excitement, curiosity among the people.The searches for BattleField 3 jumped up rapidly in 2011 thus leading to it being placed in the Most Searched list.

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