Uranus Brightest Shine To Be Visible From Earth Today; Here’s How To Witness


Uranus is one of the distant planets in the Solar System. Today, the planet is going to shine its brightest as it will be placed directly opposite the Sun, in Earth's perspective. Uranus will be fully illuminated by the Sun's rays and will also be nearest to the Earth than any other time of the year.

Uranus Shines Its Brightest Today


Uranus To Shine Bright

When Uranus is at the closest point to the Earth, it's called the perigee. According to EarthSky, Uranus will be visible all night and will rise in the East during the sunset. Space enthusiasts are lucky as the Moon also begins its new phase and won't glare the faint planet.

During this time, Uranus will be visible in the constellation Aries. Space enthusiasts can view the distant planet with a telescope or binoculars. Under ideal conditions like the dark sky and little atmospheric disturbance, the planet will be visible to the naked eye as it shines its brightest. The EarthSky states that Uranus will shine at 5.7 magnitudes, just at the threshold of naked-eye visibility.

How To Spot Uranus

Uranus Shines Its Brightest Today

Under other circumstances, spotting Uranus would be difficult. But as the planet shines its brightest, one can spot it without much difficulty. One needs to look East for the Pleiades star cluster, which is a bright V-shaped collection of stars in the Taurus constellation. With the aid of a sky chart of mobile stargazing apps,


the Uranus can be navigated.

Uranus is largely made up of gas. It appears very faint to see on Earth because of its distance. If we are to calculate the distance, it would be close to 19 Earth-Sun distance or about 20 astronomical units from the Sun. The bright-shine event that is about to take place is a rare one. Because of the distance, Uranus will have minor movements for the next few months. The movement can be understood as the planet will rise four minutes earlier every day for the next couple of months.

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