5 free tools to remove Alureon DNSChanger virus

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5 free tools to remove Alureon DNSChanger virus

Today, the 9th July is expected to be the Internet blackout day. We have already reported that over a quarter million computer users across the world will lose the internet access today. This is because of the Internet Doomsday virus called Alureon DNSChanger malware.

The security experts claim that only a small fraction of the users are at risk. The internet service providers will serve those who lose the internet access quickly. Only the affected PCs will be blocked from accessing the web. What can be done to get rid of this malware?

Firstly, go to this link and check if your PC is infected. If you have this malware on your computer, you cannot open the FBI tool. So, open it from another computer that is free from the DNSChanger malware and follow the instructions given based on your operating system.

Here are five tools to remove the DNSChanger malware from your system. These are free tools and you can download them using another system and copy them to the affected computer.

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