Best clients to manage twitter on Linux

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Twitter is a popular social networking website, which has millions of users from all over the World. Twitter lets the users post their blogs as texts in up to 140 characters. These posts are known as “Tweets”. It is considered the most popular micro blogging cum social networking websites of all time.


Twitter clients are third party apps, those which helps twitter uses manage their twitter account and it also kind of simplifies everything that could happen in Twitter. Twitter clients are popular with users of the Windows operating system and are generally cross-platform apps based on Adobe AIR.


There are twitter clients in Linux operating system as well, but they aren’t as much popular as those in the Mac and Windows operating systems. Ubuntu Linux operating systems come with a built in Twitter client that lets the user manage Twitter and Facebook with relative ease. This client is called Gwibber.


Best clients to manage twitter on Linux


If you need a change and want to use another twitter client, then there are two alternatives. Two good Linux twitter clients are


  • Hotot

  • Turpial


Please note that these clients don’t feature in the Ubuntu Software Center.







Features of Hotot client


  • Great user interface which makes using twitter and facebook simple

  • Good features that compliment the user interface

  • Secure connection to social networking sites, using access tokens

  • Supports a lot of extensions including image uploading, location tagging, tweet translation, URL shortening and video preview features

  • Advanced Firewall that can be customized to whitelist or blacklist other users or the content in their accounts

  • Very simple and user friendly





Error when certain languages are handled. But doesn’t occur very often



You will be able to install Hotot in your Linux OS by running the Linux commands in the terminal window.








Features of Turpial client


  • Developed solely for Twitter

  • Has certain similarities with TweetDeck twitter client

  • Written in Python

  • Comes with features which makes using twitter simple and fast

  • Built in Image tweeting and URL shortening features

  • URL shortening services are available

  • Good User interface which can shift between default feeds like Mentions, direct messages and lists defined by users

  • Mute feature to block updates from other users whom you don’t wish to unfollow in Twitter

  • Custom browser and API proxy support




Comparatively slow start up and log in.


You may also visit the website of Turpial to understand how it can be installed on Linux to manage twitter.


These are the two common clients to manage twitter on Linux operating system.

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