Google doodles London 2012 Fencing

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Google doodles London 2012 Fencing

Today, the fourth day of Olympics 2012 is marked by a Google doodle – London 2012 Fencing. The doodle shows two fencers fighting against one another with bladed weapons.

The letter 'L' in the Google logo is depicted as a bladed weapon used by one of the fencers. The helmet that the other fencer is wearing shows the first 'O' in the logo. The other letters are placed near the boundary of the playing area.

The Fencing doodle is the fourth doodle related to London Olympics. The fencing events will be held from July 28 to August 5. Google has already posted a fencing doodle during the Olympic Games 2004 held in Athens. Today's fencing doodle is the second one posted by Google.

On Friday, the search engine posted the Opening ceremony doodle showing five athletes on track holding the letters in the official logo. The disciplines shown in the doodle were basketball, fencing, javelin throw, running/jumping, swimming/diving and football.

On Saturday, Google posted the Archery doodle of London Olympics. It showed a female archer aiming at a bulls-eye. This was the second doodle posted by Google related to London 2012 Olympic.

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