MTNL website hacked by Anonymous

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MTNL website hacked by Anonymous

Anonymous, the hacking group has attacked the MTNL (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) website. The hackers group claims that it attacked the site as the company censored the content on internet.

The website of MTNL that caters to the main Indian cities like Mumbai and New Delhi were down for over six hours. The blog of Anonymous India has a post that states that the attack was made as it blocked several file sharing sites.

However, the officials of MTNL claim that they do not have any knowledge of the attack. MK Purohit, the General Manager of broadband services of MTNL Mumbai circle says that there are individual websites for Mumbai and Delhi. He added that the corporate site that Anonymous claims to have hacked was no longer in use. An online search for the domain's owner displayed MTNL as its registrant.

A few weeks back, Anonymous India hacked the websites Supreme Court and Congress. This was a step taken against the Indian ISPs as they blocked the file sharing, video sharing and major torrent sites. The group has also listed the websites that are blocked by the government as well as by Reliance from the server of the ISP.

In an online press conference, Anonymous announced about the Operation India protest on June 9th. The movement is focused to spread across 19 cities in the country starting on June 9th. This is against the government and private ISPs attempt to censor the internet.

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